Myths About Smart Homes

Myths About Smart Homes

Have you heard of the term “smart home” lately? It’s becoming a familiar commodity this year as technology continues to awe-inspire us! While it’s becoming more popular every year, some people shoo away from the thought of smart homes because of the following myths.

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Myth: They are expensive!

Smart homes are a good value! Upgrading your home will pay you back in many ways by preventing a flood, burglary, and alerting you to emergency situations. It also reduces your energy bills, and it gives you the peace of mind!

Myth: To have a smart home, you have to be a technical person.

The truth is, about half of Americans will own a smart home derived technology by the end of this year. Don’t believe us? While it might seem like it’s restricted to millionaires and technical tinkerers, smart homes are now available to homeowners. Thanks to cloud platforms that conveniently connect devices together, it is easy to have a smart home– hello, to convenience, enhanced security, and savings!

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Myth: There is no help available for installation!

This is far from the truth! There are service providers that will be happy to configure a smart home for you. While it might be difficult to set everything yourself, help is never too far.

Myth: It’s difficult to work with a smart home.

Where there is a smart home, there is an app for that. A single platform is available to make things easy for you! In fact, that’s why smart homes exist– to cater to your convenience. While there are horror stories out there, many platforms and apps work as a stand-alone so that it is your one-stop tool for your smart home.