Video Surveillance Tips for Small Business

Video Surveillance Tips for Small Business

Do you own a small business in Las Vegas that you need to keep safe? A commercial surveillance system can make all the difference when keeping your business safe from theft, vandalism, and intruders! If you own a small business, you can use these surveillance tips from In the Sky Surveillance to implement best practices for small business security.

1. Have Your Surveillance Systems and CCTV Professionally Installed

First and foremost, always have your surveillance systems installed by professionals who specialize in providing security cameras, CCTV, and surveillance systems to businesses. This will ensure that all of your cameras are properly installed to be most effective and properly connected to your IP Network.

2. Place Your Cameras in Critical Locations

Always install your cameras to overlook critical locations around your business. A security camera with blindspots will not help you keep your business safe.

Critical locations for surveillance include:

• Entrances and exits
• In storage areas
• Over Cash Registers
• On the retail “floor” and working areas
• Loading docks
• In Break rooms

3. Have Security Procedures in Place for Your Surveillance System

Having security cameras installed is a great place to start. Still, unless you have standard procedures for how your employees and managers can and cannot use the surveillance systems, you will run the risk of having footage tampered with. A few of the more common security procedures around a small business’ surveillance system include:

• Keeping the camera rolling 24/7
• Keep the digital recorder out of sight and out of reach
• Storing footage and data remotely on the cloud
• Save footage for at least 90 days
• Copy and save valuable footage on an alternate storage device.

Keeping your security procedures up will help ensure that you never lose any footage that would help file a claim with the authorities or your insurance company if there is a break-in, vandalism, or situation that would call on your surveillance systems.

In the Sky Surveillance Las Vegas

In the Sky, Surveillance specializes in providing affordable and reliable surveillance systems and security cameras designed to protect your business and your possessions from burglary, theft, and vandalism. We believe in providing you with high-quality remote surveillance systems at affordable prices because keeping you safe is our number one priority. Get started today with top-of-the-line surveillance systems from In the Sky Las Vegas.