• Home Alarm Systems Las Vegas

  • When it comes to protecting your home and the people you love,  you want to feel confident that your home security company is an expert in the industry. At In The Sky, you can expect to receive top notch service and equipment installation. As local experts throughout the Las Vegas area, we offer home alarm systems that are customizable and affordable so you can rest easy knowing that our quality service and maintenance is included with your system. Our home alarm systems stand out from other home security companies because of what we offer in addition to home security technology: reputable service and reliability.

    As full-time, dedicated, security experts, In the Sky specializes in providing solutions to your home or business alarm system.  We understand that investing in the right security system can be very confusing which is why we provide you with all of the information you need to make a well informed decision. We realize that each client has specific needs, which is why we provide a custom solution for each of our clients. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, we will find the right surveillance solution for you at an affordable price.

    An alarm system can make all the difference when it comes to peace of mind for home and family. Feeling safe and comfortable in your own home is essential, and we’re here to help.  In the Sky offers various options to customize a security system to you home and your budget.  

    Control and monitor every aspect of your security system from one control panel.  With a central control station you can wirelessly integrate up to 40 devices for a wire-free security system that protects multiple points across your entire home.  A control panel will support a complete family of wireless sensors and accessories provide your family with the highest measure of security and convenience at an incredible value.

    Our video security options make watching your home simple.  You can check in on family members or an empty home while you’re working or on vacation. Access your home’s secure LIVE video feed from any location.  At In the Sky,  we make it easy to  put interactive video surveillance in your pocket and give you access to live video footage whenever you wish.

    Door and Monitor sensors provide you with magnetic technology that can seal every door and window in your home and keep your home completely secure and airtight.  With door and monitor sensors, there is no need to drill holes through walls. We can place wireless sensors strategically near your doors or windows and protect entry points immediately.  

    Motion-sensing technology  will shield and protect your home and family by sensing even the slightest movement . At In the Sky, we offer the most innovative motion detectors that utilize both heat and movement to detect intruders when your alarm system is armed.  A motion sensor will communicate with your security system and is powered by long lasting battery.

    At In the Sky, we offer life safety sensors and accessories that can extend your home security system to protect more than your home. From medical pendants to monitored smoke detectors, we understand that sometimes the difference between life and death is the press of a button or the sound of an alarm.

    The right home alarm system,  is more than a home security system, it is an investment in yourself and the people you value most. If you’re thinking about home security, you’re thinking about protecting your home and the ones you love. It is a sure-fire way to prevent loss and gain peace-of-mind.

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