Home Security Don’ts Part II

Home Security Donts Part II

On our previous entry, we talked about the different types of home security don’ts that you should live by. We thought that we shouldn’t just stop there because there are PLENTY of home security mistakes that people often live by. So we thought that we should extend this to a part two entry!

The following are your home security don’ts that you need to follow:


Cheap Windows and Door Locks: When you use cheap products for security, you’re basically letting intruders come in with welcome arms. Many burglars are familiar with opening standard locks so using them are not as safe as you may assume. Use heavy-duty locks that will make it difficult for them to enter!

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Hiding Places in the Yard: Trim your bushes at all times. This is especially true when they are close to the windows and doors. Bushes make it really easy for thieves to hide. These are not just bushes either. We’re talking about large objects that can be used for hiding such as trash bins, untrimmed trees, and other utility supplies around the yard. Clear everything from your yard so that hiding is not an option.

Alarm Systems Near the Window: You don’t want any thief to know what type of home security you have at home. When your alarm system is next to the window, thieves can easily see what they’re dealing which makes them prepare for what to expect.

Letting Your Guard Down: People who have never experienced the terrifying events of a robbery tend to be complacent about everything. We’re not saying that you should always be paranoid, but it’s safe to say that you should have a routine in exercising good home security defenses. Always be on the lookout just in case anything happens!

Social Media: This is when you tell everyone where you are. Things like check-ins make it easy for thieves to track you. When you’re telling the whole world where you are, thieves only read one thing which is “I’m not home right now!”