• About us

  • IN THE SKY Surveillance Inc. specializes in providing affordable surveillance and monitoring solutions with an emphasis on remote monitoring for homes and small businesses such as offices, mall carts and kiosks, small to medium stores, warehouses, and daycare centers. - We focus on providing an affordable, high quality product that is reliable. - We work with each client to find the best possible security solutions. - We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and satisfaction. Enjoy your surveillance experience.

  • Our primary objective is to achieve the highest quality service in surveillance, security and protection

    In this day and age, security cameras are an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re picking up coffee from a local café, taking your final steps to your car after a day at the office, or picking up your children from school, there are security cameras capturing almost every move you make.

    Security cameras are a powerful force against burglars. The site of a security camera may scare off an intruder because they do not want to be seen or leave evidence behind, they will help identify perpetrators of a crime, show you who is at your door, monitor what is going on throughout the house and areas that are “off limits” to houseguests or family members. They help to keep an eye on elderly family members, young children, and offer a tremendous sense of security when you hear suspicious sounds in your home.