Choosing the Right Security Camera for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Security Camera for Your Needs

There is a certain level of degree in security for every sector of an entity. For a home, a simple home security system with a discreet camera is enough to protect them. On the other hand, businesses may need more advanced security such as CCTV camera to fit their needs. So how in the world are you supposed to choose around the market when there are so many types of security cameras out there?

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Types of Security Cameras

These types of cameras produce a high resolution video specially when it is used during the day. At night, these cameras are highly recommended since they capture low light or no light situations.

Dome Cameras

These are pan tilt zoom cameras that are housed in a dome type of protection. These advanced cameras are perfect since they produce crisp resolutions.

Probox Cameras

The lenses for a pro box camera can be changed based on the angles and zooming requirements. Some of these cameras can be switched from colored recording during the day and monochrome for night time.

Advance Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

These need an additional cable for pan tilt zoom to work. They specifically need a CAT5 cable in addition to a video coax cable in order to control it remotely over the internet.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras offer a great deal in surveillance, but one disadvantage in using these cameras is that it doesn’t have infrared capabilities which makes them perform poorly in low light settings.

Whether you need security for your home or it’s for commercial purposes, there is a camera that is right for you. These can be in a form of home security or more advanced technology like a CCTV camera. Here at In the Sky, we offer a range of installations for your security needs.