How to Create a Smart Home

How to Create a Smart Home

With advancements in technology being made every day, many areas in our lives can evolve with high tech inventions. Self-driving cars from Tesla gave us hands-free transportation; smartphones gave us the world at our fingertips, and now new technology is being created to make our living situations technological as well. We have a list of five ways you can make your house look like it is the year 2050 with Smart Home features from In the Sky.

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Upgrading Your WIFI Router

A Wifi router does the job of providing your mobile devices and computer with the internet without using an ethernet cord. However, when you have multiple devices on one router, it can slow down your connection immensely. Which in turn makes your house not as tech-savvy. One way to improve this is upgrading your router. A modern router that gives a high connection with multiple devices is the Netgear Nighthawk Router. You can find these at Best Buy and any retailer that sells routers.

Smart Security

This feature replaces any security system you’ve had with the technology you need to be safer and more protected than ever. By incorporating your smartphone, systems like the Arlo Wire-Free Cameras allow you to view and control your security cameras right from your phone. These cameras are weatherproof to eliminate the worry of unexpected weather.

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Video Doorbell

Another device that incorporates your mobile device is the video doorbell. Not only can you see who is at your door from your phone, but you can chat with them. This system keeps you at a safe distance from strangers rather than opening the door to unsuspected danger. In The Sky offers a Ring Video Doorbell that even sends a motion activated message when someone is approaching the front door.

Nest Thermostat

One of the biggest evolutions in technology yet, this thermostat system, allows you to elevate your controls of a standard thermostat to the next level. You can schedule certain times of the day to be an absolute temperature. If you are at work and don’t want to run the AC all day, but also don’t want to come home to a hot house, you can simply schedule the thermostat to be a certain temperature while away at work, but have it adjust to a different temperature before you arrive home. It is also energy efficient and can save you money on your monthly bill.

Smart Lights

You can now alter the mood and color of your home with color hue powered lights. The Phillips Hue Lights can change the color and brightness of your home. These controls are located on your smartphone and can give any party the perfect lighting for whatever mood you are trying to portray. These lights will make your house the ultimate getaway for a romantic dinner with dimmed lights or the insane 80’s party with neon colors.