Common Home Security Mistakes Part I

Common Home Security Mistakes Part I

Every sixteen seconds, a home is burglarized in the United States. About one-third of these homes are entered through an open window or door. These can easily be prevented if everything is locked because burglars will ultimately search for an easier target. There are other ways in which your home security is compromised. Many of them are actually so simple yet they are easily disregarded.

The following are common home security mistakes that you could be doing:

Hiding Keys

They’re typically found under the doormat, and even a first-time burglar can figure that out. Sadly, hiding your keys under the mat is one of the most common home security mistakes, and it should be stopped immediately.

Ladder Around the Home

Typically, leaving the window open when you’re upstairs doesn’t sound like a bad idea. What can go wrong, right? Unfortunately, burglars will go the extra lengths to get into the home. Having a ladder around your home can ultimately be used to enter the home using an open window upstairs.

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Many homeowners rely on their dogs to bark when someone is outside. They’re a pretty good extra home security but heavily relying on them is a definitely no-no! They can be loud, scary and intimidating, but this should not be an excuse to have the doors unlocked. Unless burglars are afraid of dogs, there is only little that your pet can do to stop these malicious individuals.

Valuables Near Windows

It’s nice to show off a little bit of what you have in the home. However, this is one common mistake in home security. The last thing you want to happen is a burglar to eye on your most valuables. Make sure that these are not in plain sight as they can be easily stolen.

Leaving No Lights On

Many people will go on a vacation without realizing the importance of leaving the lights on. This is a given mistake since burglars can watch your home and realize that there’s no actual activity in the home. Instead, try using digital timers to make it seem like there is someone in the home.