Digging the Mind of a Burglar

Digging the Mind of a Burglar

Many people underestimate the importance of home security in Las Vegas as they opt out of the opportunity. Instead, they leave their homes unprotected as they run the risk of getting targeted by a burglar. Being in the industry for many years, we’ve seen and heard crimes operating on the same patterns. You see, burglary is a type of job. In fact, too many people, it’s a way of life. While it’s notoriety can leave victims scarred for a long time, burglars continue to shape their skills to leave their track unnoticed and untraceable.

Types of Burglars

There are three types of burglars in the world. There’s the professional, semi-pro, and amateur-oppurtunist. You might never come across the professionals as they’re too busy planning their moves on bigger things. And to deter him is nearly impossible; there’s no stopping the Professional. The ones you really have to worry about are the latter which are the amateur-oppurtunists and semi-pros. The bad news: They blend in with the scenery. Amateur-oppurtunists are usually those male teenagers that live down the block who will only scout your home after a few hours. On the other hand, semi-pros will research your patterns, analyze the pros and cons, and more. They’ll do this for a duration of a few weeks. Now, what they both have one thing in common. They’ll be in and out of your premises in only a few minutes.

How They Do It

When a property has been targeted, they’ll park their car and walk to the front door. That’s right; the front door is only the first step. They’ll ring the doorbell until someone answers the door. Of course, they come up with an alibi trying to sell something or say that they’re at the wrong house. When no one answers, they’ll scout the home going around the back yard for an oppurtunity to enter. Unlike the ones you see on TV, burglars are not a fan of picking locks. Because there are other crude methods, they’ll opt to force entry via back door or windows. Many people think that burglars like to target a home during the night, but they generally pick the day because the home is likely unoccupied. In case the alarm goes off, there’s no stopping them. They know that the police will take a while so they’ll run to the master bedroom where they can grab every valuable they see. Small items with high value are the best items to collect such as jewelry, guns, drugs and money. Along with that, they’ll grab small electronics specially if it’s easily sellable. While they go on a quick sweep, they’ll never go to the basement or in the attic where they can easily get trapped should the police arrive. This is one reason why one-story houses are often huge targets amongst all homes.

How to Stop the Crime

  1. Your dogs will save you. If there’s anything that burglars hate, it’s dogs. It doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small as long as they’re a barker! If you don’t have one, try adding a “Beware of Dog” placard. To make it realistic, put a doggy bowl outside.
  2. Do not go with fake security cameras. Get a real home security system to deter burglars. When you opt for a fake one, they don’t fool anybody because the real ones will never have a red “recording” light. If you don’t want to spend too much on home security, you can purchase a burned-out camera or even a real one without hooking it up.
  3. Don’t tell the world you bought a new tv. Before, the prime targets used to be electronics, but now they go for small items that are easy to grab. Still, when you get new items like a laptop or a tv, don’t advertise it to the neighborhood. This means, get rid of the box in a discreet manner. Never leave the box by the curb. Instead, cut it up so that it fits in your trash bag.
  4. The perimeter alarm will only deter. While alarms will not stop anyone from breaking in, it will deter them. Often it’ll scare off the amateur or expedite the semi-pro. When you have an alarm system in your home, make sure that the metal sign is on the lawn.
  5. Holidays are the best time to work. Be vigilant about your alarm system during the holidays. They know when you’re out of town of Christmas parties and religious services.