Does A Home Security System Add Value To A Home?

Does a home security system add value to a home?

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to be concerned about their homes being burglarized or vandalized. It is also common for real estate agents and potential buyers to want to see a home with some type of home security system in place before agreeing to buy. In fact, there are various studies that show that the majority of all home buyers expect a house-for-sale to have an alarm system installed. However, does a home security system add value to a home?

Security Systems May Add Value To A Home

When you put a security system into your home, you add value to the house. However, adding a security system to a home is not just about protecting your home from burglary. It’s about protecting your safe space and your investment. If you’re thinking of selling your home it’s particularly important considering that a lot of decisions are weighed based on if the house has a security system or not.

How Much Do Home Security Systems Add Value To A House?

While there are no hard numbers on how much alarm systems installation and home security systems add value to a house, there are some indicators that they may increase its appeal to buyers.

An example is in 2016, a survey found that people were willing to pay more for homes with pre-installed alarms or other features like keyless entry systems and smart locks. The study found that homes without these features sold for $10,000 less than those with them, even though there was no difference in size or location between the two groups of houses.

Homeowner’s Insurance May Lower With A Home Security System

Homeowner’s insurance policies are generally divided into three different kinds; liability, property, and medical payments. Liability will protect you against lawsuits resulting from accidents, while property coverage will cover damages to your belongings and medical payments pay for medical expenses if someone is injured at your home.

Probably the most common form of homeowner’s insurance is liability coverage, which includes bodily injury and property damage liability. Liability coverage protects you financially if someone gets hurt at your home or if your dog bites someone while they are visiting. It also protects you if someone breaks into your home while you’re away on vacation, causing damage to your belongings or injuring themselves in the process. In addition, it covers your legal fees in case someone sues you because of an incident on your property.

What Features You Should Have On Your Home Security System

Home security systems have been around for decades now and have become an expected part of life. The convenience and peace of mind that come with having a home monitoring system are hard to beat. There are many options available on the market today, but there are some features that you should have on your system such as Video Surveillance, Motion sensors, and Glass Break sensors. These are the many types of security cameras for your home.

Video Surveillance is the biggest draw of a home security system. You can see who is at your front door and talk to them through the screen. This works great if you’re away from home or if you just want to know what’s going on in your home while you’re away.

Motion sensors pick up movement in a room that isn’t used often or when it’s dark out. If someone breaks into your house, these sensors will alert you immediately so you can call 911 or get help from a neighbor. Motion sensors work best when paired with video surveillance because then you’ll know exactly where someone is in your house when they trigger it.

Glass Break Sensor picks up the sound of broken glass, which makes it ideal if someone breaks into your house through a window or door. Once this sensor triggers, it will alert you right away so that you can react accordingly. Any or all of these features are a must-have for your home security system.