Best Home Security Cameras For A Secure Lifestyle

Best Home Security Cameras For A Secure Lifestyle

Protecting your home is one of the most important things in this world. Finding the best home security system is not an easy task. However, In The Sky has made finding the best home security cameras for a secure lifestyle easy! Take pride in knowing that there are a variety of options for home security.

Best Types Of Home Security Cameras

One of the best home security cameras for a secure lifestyle is to have a closed-circuit TV camera (CCTV). These types of cameras have changed the game in home security. There are a variety of CCTV cameras that are in the market today. However, we’ll be breaking down the positives and negatives of each type.

Digital CCTV

Digital CCTV cameras are the most up-to-date technology in home security. These types of cameras capture video and then stores it on a hard drive or cloud. Since it records on a hard drive or cloud then it can be easily accessed on a phone, tablet or mobile device connected to the internet. Digital CCTV cameras can record high-quality video during the day and night. Crimes do happen at night so it’s best to have a camera that can capture in full color at night. Having this option means authorities can identify any suspects faster.

Recording CCTV

Recording CCTV is an older yet still effective security method. This type of security camera stores all of its recordings on a hard drive or network video recorder (NVR). An NVR means that it stores any video on a network that it’s on. This can also be referred to as an IP camera. These cameras are good to have because any video can easily be transferred to authorities. Any recording easily turned over to the authorities then the recording CCTV can still continue its job as a video recorder without disturbing its duty to provide security.

Simple CCTV

A simple CCTV is the oldest method of recording of out the three options given. This type of camera needs a monitor to record. It gets its energy from the monitor then feeds it to the camera. The monitor gets its footage from the camera by using a coax cable connecting the monitor and camera together. This type isn’t ideal because it requires a lot of energy to sustain it. Higher energy consumption can lead to an expensive energy bill. If whatever reason there’s a power outage then the simple CCTV system can be in jeopardy since it needs a lot of energy to sustain itself.

Which Is The Best Option?

Out of all the options given the digital CCTV is the best home security camera for a secure lifestyle. The fact that it can store a lot of its video on a DVR or cloud gives it an edge over other competitors. Having the accessibility to see live footage with a phone, tablet or mobile device can make it easier to check up on your house on the go.

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