What Does Wireless Mean in Home Security

What Does Wireless Mean in Home Security

Many of our customers get confused about the term “wireless” when it’s in association with home security. Between traditional home security systems and smart home security features, we think that it’s normal to confuse the two since there’re two meanings behind them. In this blog entry, we will be going over what we truly mean when we say “wireless.”

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What is Wireless Home Security?

Regarding communication, wireless sensor uses a short-range radio frequency that communicates between the control unit and the sensors. Another wireless system that is referred to home security is an alarm system. They may communicate over a cellular connection which is provided by cellular radio that is ultimately built into the control panel.

Alarm systems can communicate via traditional phone line and on the internet. Some might say that this is not the actual meaning of wireless, and we believe that there is some truth to this. On the other hand, a system that needs to be hard-wired is typically connected to the control panel. These usually have a cellular radio frequency to connect to the outside world. Because of this particular arrangement, you can arguably say that this is a wireless system.
Now, you might ask which one is better. In terms of home security installation, remote is easier because it doesn’t require hard wires. Additionally, it is quick to install and easy to replace. It’s hard to imagine big corporations using hard wired security systems as they can easily be destroyed with a simple slit.