Why You Should Lock Your Doors At All Times

Why You Should Lock Your Doors At All Times

At In the Sky, we help many keep their homes safe from thieves and intruders, but it is still important to take care of your home with traditional methods. There are many people that leave their doors open simply because they feel that their neighborhood is safe. Sometimes,  they just want to grab a bite to eat, and they think that a good fifteen-minute run isn’t going to harm anyone– or so they think. Worse, others just leave their door open even in the night time when everyone at home is vulnerable and open for intrusion. So, why is it so important to lock your doors at all times? The easiest answer is, safety. Nonetheless, let’s shy away from that word for a bit and give you some pointers as to why you should be locking your door.  

You just don’t know who is watching you. So, you stepped out for a bit, and you think about what could happen. You then brush off the idea that someone could walk in the door and steal your belongings. You think about how such an incident will never happen to you. The sad truth is, intruders like to watch their prey, and they do it inconspicuously. They watch for patterns until they are familiar with who they are dealing with. Once they are ready, they jump at the opportunity.

Pranks! Pranks are a good old fun, but only when you’re not the one on the other end of the stick. No one really wants to come home to something that could startle them. A prank doesn’t exactly have to startle you either. It could be your friend taking your dog for the day while they watch you frantically look for them. After a day of amusement, they return your pet safe.

Sleepwalking families or roommates. While this doesn’t happen as often, they still occur. A family member could end up “waking up” to open the door and take an unwanted stroll. Keep your loved ones safe, and just lock the door.

Next time you want to leave for a bit, think about all the unwanted situations that you could save yourself from. Locking your door is just a three-second task to do, but some people find it a drag. Think about it, would you rather lock the door or go through an undesirable situation?