A Real Life Story of Break-In

A real life story of break-in

Here’s a real-life story of a real break-in that happened to one of our customers that lead them to contact us for home security solutions. Two years ago, I woke up at about 3:00 A.M. to routinely feed my cat and spend some time on the treadmill before preparing to go to work. I was alarmed to find my kitchen window completely open. I was initially frustrated to think my husband could so careless, but as I looked closer, I realized the screen had been completely removed. As I approached the kitchen doors, I realized they were wide open as well. Before immediately shutting the doors locking them securely, I noticed a stool at the base of the window and within seconds, I was struck with complete panic and fear.

When I called for my cats, I was relieved to find them inside and unharmed. I ran upstairs to my husband while calling 911 to report a break-in.

We learned that a convict had managed to escape while on an approved furlough. He managed to steal a vehicle which broke down across the street from my home. He broke into my house looking for my car keys, my wallet, and cash. He scattered the contents of my purse on the counter, took my purse, my wallet and bit of cash.

After breaking into our home, failing to find our car keys, he proceeded to the house next door where he managed to steal their vehicle and use it as a getaway car. He was eventually caught after driving 110 mph down the interstate. My purse was eventually returned to me but not after having to cancel my credit cards and wait in line for a new license.

That night was a complete wake-up call for me and my neighbors. We had all slept through the entire incident. I came to the realization that no matter what type of neighborhood you reside you, no one is immune to a break-in.

The following week, we contacted the professionals at In The Sky, We obtained a reliable home security system that includes motion sensors, entry sensors, glass break sensors, a keypad and more. After testing it a number of times, we definitely sleep more soundly at night. The monitoring system is the very best of its kind, and we love the web interface and phone app. Thank you In the Sky.