What to Consider in A Home Theater System

What to consider in a home theater system

There are a few things you need to consider when thinking about installing a home theater system. This will help you determine your particular needs, as well as what it is that you can or cannot afford.

The first thing to consider is the kind of home theater system that best suits your needs. Some people want a high-end system complete with multiple speakers and amps. Others just need an inexpensive stereo to play their music through, and some may want a surround sound system so they can feel like they’re at the movies. The type of movie watcher you are will determine which sound system that you are going to purchase.

Sound Bar or Home Theater System?

You want to decide what kind of system is right for your taste. There are two types of systems: a sound bar system and a home theater system. A sound bar will allow you to attach your TV or set up as an additional part of the display. So if you’re looking for more than just movies, this is probably your best option. On the other hand, a home theater system allows you to upgrade equipment as time goes by without needing to replace the whole thing everytime one component dies out on you.

Sound Bar System:

Usually includes an amplifier and either five speakers or three speakers and a subwoofer (for bass sounds). They’re usually cheaper than home theater systems because they use less components to play the sound. Most people who have a small living room or don’t want to bother with many wires purchase this type of system.

Home Theater System:

This usually includes an amplifier, a receiver, speakers and a subwoofer. They’re much more expensive than sound bar systems because they utilize multiple components to achieve better quality sound. If you have a larger living space and you want to achieve an immersive experience–with precise sounds in every corner of your room–then this is for you. You can even add on additional pieces as your budget allows so that you won’t outgrow it in a year or two.

Surround Sound Speaker Placement

Just because surround sound provides the most immersion, doesn’t mean that’s what you need. If you’re watching a movie, the surround sound will provide the most accurate recreation of sounds in your room. However, if you just want to listen to some music, then having a nice stereo system can provide better quality sound without breaking your bank account.

Every home theater system is different because every consumer has a different taste and budget for what they want out of their system. You should consider all these things before deciding on which one would best suit you and your needs!

Electrical Considerations For Your Home Theater System

The first thing to remember when you are wiring the speakers together is that all of them will be attached to a common ground. Therefore, there should only be one grounded conductor attached to the chassis of each receiver or amplifier.

Attaching The Speakers To The Amplifier/Receiver

Every speaker has two connections on it. One is called the positive connection and this is where you attach the red wire from your amplifier or receiver. The other connection is called the negative connection and this is where you attach the black wire from your amplifier or receiver. Attach these wires carefully because if they’re not put in right, then one part of your system will have power while another section won’t which can create some severely damaging voltages! Once everything is attached, you can check if it’s working with a voltmeter to make sure that there isn’t any voltage going back into the amplifier or receiver through the speaker connections.

Connecting Your Home Theater System Together

After matching up each wire from your speakers with a corresponding one on the terminals of the amplifier or receiver, next comes running those wires from their respective places to where you will have all your components set up! If you’re using a receiver for all of your sound needs, then place it right in front of where you’ll be sitting and run all the other wires accordingly. If you’re using an amplifier instead for just powering your surround sound speakers, then keep that close by as well. Then attach your subwoofer (if you’re using one) and place it in the best spot for you (usually underneath your couch).

Setting Up Your Remote Control System

A lot of people don’t realize this but most receivers and amplifiers actually come with a remote control. Usually, they’re sold separately from the unit itself so make sure that if there’s no remote included when you buy one, then you go to the electronics store and purchase one! It’s much easier to do everything wirelessly than it is having to get up every time you want to change something on your system or turn it off/on again.