Tips for Those Who Walk Alone at Night

Tips for Those Who Walk Alone at Night

Protecting yourself goes beyond home security and surveillance cameras at home. The world is full of predators, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to stay alert when we’re walking alone. Whether you’re a woman or man, dangers lurk around the corner, and you owe it to yourself to be cautious of your surroundings. Even when you believe that you’re in a “safe” neighborhood, it pays to be attentive. So what are some safety tips that we have when you’re walking alone?

Walking Alone? Here Are Some Tips For You

Walk in Pairs

Women who are especially walking by themselves are rarely attacked when they have a male companion with them. If possible, walk in groups and show a defensive body language when you do. It makes a big difference, and it dissuades predators to approach you.

Keep your Phone Charged

Wherever you go, make sure that your phone is charged. If you have the tendency to drain your battery, keep a portable charger with you. If this is not the route you want to pursue, try bringing a second phone. A charged phone is helpful in case you find yourself in a predicament.

Get to Know Your Route

It might be tempting to try another way home when you’re feeling adventurous, but we don’t recommend this when you’re by yourself. Always know your route to go home. Use familiar ways that you know are safe. Use major streets as much as possible and do not use short cuts that are unsafe and relatively dark.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure to walk home comfortably. Make it a habit to change your shoes and clothing not to attract unnecessary attention. Don’t become an easy target for predators by wearing short shorts and tank tops. Instead, wear sneakers, loose pants, and t-shirts.

Don’t Stop At the Bank

We don’t advise anyone to stop at the ATM at night. For future references, always bring cash with you at all times. In case someone points a gun or a knife at you, do not resist giving the money away.