Stay Safe With These Fall Home Security Tips

Stay Safe With These Fall Home Security Tips

Keeping your home safe this autumn should be a priority. With In the Sky Surveillance, you’ll be able to keep your home and your family safe with the latest fall home security equipment. Additionally, try out these fall home security tips for keeping your home safe this Fall.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

As the autumn days grow shorter and shorter, it’s important to remember to light up your home. Having lighting outside of your home, whether you invest in fixed lighting or motion-activated lights can help deter burglars from even considering breaking into your home. Outdoor lighting can also help keep your children safe while playing outdoors where they will be easier to keep an eye on where there is light. Lighting is a small investment that can make a big impact on your life by keeping your home safe this fall.

Be Mindful of Posting Too Much Information Online

During November, a lot of families leave home and visit family who lives out of town. While this time of year can be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends you need to be mindful of how much information you post online. Because of social media, a simple Thanksgiving selfie can let people know that you are away from home and this is the perfect time to break into your home. Avoid this altogether by practicing discretion and not oversharing on social media this autumn. Save all of your photos for when you return from your trip and post them retroactively when you are home to keep an eye on your property.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

You’d be surprised to learn that many home burglaries and incidents of theft are more often crimes of opportunity than planned and throughout break-ins. You can deter many home break-ins by keeping your doors and windows locked at all times, especially when you are out. If you leave a spare key around your property in case you get locked out, you want to be sure that the spare key is somewhere hidden, not under a rock or the welcome mat.

Keep Your Tools Locked up in Your Garage

Your garage is one of the most vulnerable entrances in your home. Although garage doors can be locked from the inside, very rarely do homeowners do this. When burglars break into your home through your garage they will immediately have access to your tools and valuable equipment that they would happily take. It’s important to have added levels of security in case a burglar does manage to get into your garage. Keeping your tools locked away in a tool cabinet can help keep your most vulnerable valuables safe.

Make Sure That Your Home Alarm Systems Are Working Properly

Most importantly, making sure that your fall home security system is up to date and working properly is essential. When your home alarm system is triggered, the loud noise will ward away burglars, but it will also notify the authorities of the break-in.