Is Smart Home Good For Home Security?

Is Smart Home Good For Home Security

People can now do almost anything from their phones. Home security is no exception. Companies air commercials staging break-ins and portraying the fear an actor family would feel if an intruder broke into their home. Then they show the happiness the family feels locking their doors remotely with smart home devices or spying on their teenagers after school. There are other features like controlling lighting, sprinkler systems, even the blinds that can now be done from your computer or phone.

Smart Homes streamline security and control like never before.

Arguably there is a growing market for smart-home security, but is that making things necessarily safer? We have countless car alarm companies and car company security yet cars are still stolen. The United States is somewhat divided over civilians’ right to own firearms; pro-gun culture advocates campaign online stating that a gun is the best form of home security. Will a smart home be smart enough to keep a family safe against intruders should they be home when an aspiring criminal picks their home for a shopping spree?

How much will it cost?

It may, depending on how much money you have invested in your home’s security IQ. A panic room installed for instance would still be the responsibility of the family to reach and lock should an invasion pop off. Smart Home security systems can be installed professionally or DIY style with over fifty companies to choose from in either case. DIY saves money on installation costs but does not offer to monitor the way a professional system with a monthly subscription would. A DIY system means calling the authorities yourself should a burglar trip your booby traps. Faux security products like inactive cameras and recordings of guard dogs barking may deter an assailant; I’m not sure how often I want to call an intruder’s bluff, though. Some components of a security system are less expensive than others; especially for those installing themselves. Depending on the condition of a house, the type of package, and monthly monitoring subscription costs, a professional installation can be a considerable investment. To get the most out of any Smart Home technology it is imperative that everyone in the household be familiar with the functions they may need to use and it is not a green light to skip the family communication for maintaining a safe household. Smart Smart Home security is the newest in protection in the family home, still we must be ever vigilant in the prevention of operator error.