Simple Ways to Protect Your Home

Simple Ways to Protect Your Home

If you don’t have any home security, it’s time to take action. While home burglaries have gone down in the past years, they continue to happen. Having mentioned that, one burglary is one too many.

With many people on a tight budget, they want a cost-effective way to secure their homes. And believe it or not, it’s possible!

Las Vegas police can all agree that many criminals enter through the back door. Many thieves have their ways to open a door with a simple locksmithing mechanism of picking locks. With enough practice, they can open a door without the need for force. The skill is alarmingly functional with many of them successfully entering without permission. So are simple ways to prevent the crime?

Upgrade Your Door Plates

With improved door plate, you can prevent their entry! It’s only $4 at many department stores, and it will come in handy!

How is it possible to secure your home with such a simple door plate? Well, it’s got big heavy screws that require heavy blows to have a successful entry. With burglars itching to enter discreetly, it’s impossible with an upgraded door plate.

New Locks for the Windows

Another place burglars like to enter is via the windows. Many people forget to close their windows, and to thieves, they perceive it as an invitation to come in. Besides unlocked windows, old locks make it easy for thieves to break in without effort.

Another way to prevent them from entering is by adding a pin. Drill a small hole and slip a protruding pin to keep anyone from opening the window. You can do this vertically or horizontally depending on which way your window opens.

Preventing Any Entry Via Sliding Doors

One of the best ways to keep a sliding door from opening is to slip a broom handle in the door frame. When you have a sturdy wood inside, it’s impossible to break in! These broom handles are very cheap to purchase at your local department stores; so make sure to invest on them!

Technological Assistance

If you want extra eyes around the home, install cameras and motion sensors. These simple gadgets deter burglars when they know you have them at home. Additionally, cameras from the outside help homeowners see what’s happening before any damages are done.

What will you do to keep your home safe?