How to Secure Your Apartment

How to Secure Your Apartment
One of the many perks of owning a home is installing home security. When you’re a renter, you don’t always have that convenience. Did you know that about 85% of tenants are more likely to experience a home burglary than a homeowner? Here is why it is important to secure your apartment to protect against burglaries and theft.

Home Security When You’re a Renter

Renting is a whole different ball game especially when you’re at the hands of your landlord. But you have options! The following are ways you can protect your apartment.

Layer Your Security

If you didn’t know, thieves usually break in through the front door, then the windows, and then the back door. With this in consideration, you may want to add layers to your security. Hinges: A thief could easily aim at your door especially when the hinges are located outside your apartment. While you can’t replace your door, you utilize set screws to secure them. You can do this by drilling the set screw to the middle hinge. Deadbolts: Most apartments will come with a deadbolt, but if you don’t have one, ask your landlord to install one. At the very least, you can install a chain lock if you already have a deadbolt. If you believe that the deadbolt hasn’t been replaced for a while, ask them to do so since old tenants can barge in. If they refuse, it’s better you asked than not at all.

Watch Out For the Windows

You have to be careful especially when you live on the first floor. You want to make sure that your windows are always locked as this can be an easy entryway for intruders. Window Alarms: Install a window alarm that will sound off when they’re broken. Many of them will have an adhesive back that can easily stick to the window of your rental. The adhesive also serves as a security sticker which deters thieves from your apartment. Avoid Tall Furnishings: Thieves can easily hide behind large shrubs or tall furnishings so avoid placing them around the window. Add Rods: The most basic way to add security to your windows is by adding a rod on the track. This is ideal for many renters because it doesn’t need maintenance and it doesn’t require drastic changes in the home.