How to Protect Your Home During the Summer

How to Protect Your Home During the Summer

If there’s anything about the summer, it’s that homes tend to get burglarized more during this season. This is because people tend to leave their windows and doors open more often due to the warmer temperatures. Additionally, families tend to go on vacation for long periods of time. The following are some tips from In the Sky to keep your home safe and sound during the summer season.

Be Aware of Your Keys

Do not leave your keys hidden around your home. Chances are, thieves will find them. Also, do not use keychains with your written address on it. By doing this, you’re inviting burglars to invade your home.

Keep Your Doors Closed

Do not open your door to anybody. Remember that you don’t have to answer to any sales person. In fact, some burglars disguise themselves as a salesman just to see if people are home. Or some uses this trick to distract you as another thief goes around your property.

Home Surveillance Via App

Add home security on your phone with smart home integrations. Remember that using this gives you the opportunity to home surveillance anywhere you go. In fact, many home security will have an app dedicated to your system. This way, you’ll know when someone has entered your home without your authorization.

Watch Out for the Windows

Windows, doors, locks should always be closed. Even though it’s tempting to leave your windows open during the summer, it’s best to keep it closed especially when you’re not around. Sliding doors are one of their favorites. Try adding a glass break sensors, so your home can detect an intruder.

Lights On at Night

During the night, turn your lights on. The last thing burglars want to happen is to be seen. Light is one of the biggest enemies intruders have. So, make sure to implement this outside especially in places where you least expect them.