How to Protect Your Home From Intruders While You’re on Vacation


A vacation is an exciting time for anyone. You get to get away from your job and spend a few days lounging, relaxing, and not having a care in the world…except about your house. A robbery could happen at any time, especially when you leave for a getaway. Beyond using a home security device for your home from In the Sky, there are ways to prevent intruders from taking advantage of your absence.

Some green flags go up right before you leave that you may not realize give off tips to show that nobody is home and that you probably won’t be home for a few days. We have some simple tips that will help protect your home even from hundreds of miles away!

Ask Someone to Keep Watch

One of the best defenses against a break-in is making it look like you are home without you being home at all. By asking a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house periodically can make all the difference. One of the biggest giveaways that you haven’t been home for a few days and probably on vacation are the average day to day tasks like gathering the newspaper and getting the mail. Have whoever is watching your house get your mail, take out the trash, and remove newspapers from the driveway to give off the idea that you are home taking care of your daily routines. Offer whoever accepts to watch over your home a free lunch or dinner on you to show gratitude for them taking time out of their day to help you out!

Keep Vacation Talk on the Downlow

It can be hard to contain the excitement of leaving your workplace to frolic on the beach and enjoy a margarita. However, it may be best only to share the exciting details with a select amount of people. Giving out details of the longevity of your trip and where you’ll be going are huge tips for anyone to make an unwanted visit to your home. Although you want to be able to trust your 150 friends on Facebook, virtually anyone could find out that information and take advantage.

Remove Valuables from Plain Sight

It may be hard to remove the T.V. from the window of the living room. However, your laptops, gaming systems, or fine china could become the next victims of snatch and go items. Put valuables away from windows and entrances to the outside to ensure that a simple look in the window will make your home seem unappealing to a burglar.