Preventing Theft During the Holidays Just Got Easier

Preventing Theft During the Holidays Just Got Easier

The holidays is about spending time with your family and friends. But it’s also the prime time for theft. Why? Burglars know that people leave their homes for the holidays. This makes your property vulnerable especially when you don’t have home security in Las Vegas. So, instead of running the risks, we’ve come up with ways to prevent your home from theft.

Car on Lock Down

When you’re on-the-go, it’s easy to forget your purchases in the back seat. When they’re in plain sight, thieves will jump at the opportunity to steal your belongings. Instead, lock up all your purchases in the trunk. It’s harder to open, and they’re safe there.

Lights On

When the lights are off, that means no one is home. This makes your home an easy target for thieves to prey. Whether you’re going on a vacation or you’ll be out for a few hours, leave a light on. Simply utilizing an automatic timer when you’re gone for a while could help prevent theft.

Get Insured

Sometimes, you’ve done your best to prevent the crime, but they still happen. In times like these, renters and home insurance go a long way. Give yourself that peace of mind that when tragedy happens, you’re covered by a company who cares.

Home Security

Invest in home security systems that will protect you. Here at In the Sky, we urge people to have at least one system in their home. Whether that’s a security camera or an alarm; any form of home security is better than none.