Pets Are Not Home Security Systems

Pets Are Not Home Security Systems

Once, we met a new homeowner who was enthusiastic about adopting a pet. We thought that it was an excellent idea especially with high volumes of euthanizations every day. Every pet deserves a second chance to be loved and sheltered. As the conversation progress, we figured out that his motive was for the dog to become a home security system. He wanted a big, ferocious animal to warn others that he will attack if they entered the property.

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Sure, pets are a great layer for home security, but there are so many things that can go wrong if you heavily rely on them. First, pets are pets; they are a family member deserving of love and affection. Solely bringing them into the home for the purpose of home security can go south if your pet fails to protect you.


Pets cannot be a substitute for an alarm system as they are prone to injury in an event that a break-in happens! To some people, the incorporation of a home security system is unreasonable to them for fear that they might suffer from excessive false alarms. Still, pets should not have the burden to substitute an alarm system.

Additionally, pets themselves may cause false alarms. Some owners suffer from anxiety because their dogs always bark at the door. Because dogs have great ears, they can hear sounds that humans cannot. Unfortunately, they could mix unharmful subjects like a cat running across the yard as an intruder.

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