The Importance of Securing Your Home’s Doors and Windows

Burglar picking a lock - The importance of securing your homes doors and windows

As a homeowner, you likely spend time and money making sure your home is as safe as possible. But have you ever stopped to consider how secure your doors and windows are? Many burglars use doors and windows that are not properly secured as an easy way into a home. To keep yourself safe, learn more about the importance of securing all of your home’s doors and windows.

Home Security Is as Important as Ever

Statistics show that burglars are always looking for new ways to break into houses. Keeping your home safe will help ensure not only your house and possessions are secure, but also prevent criminals from finding any easy targets nearby.

Layers of Security Are Best

Doors and windows are often responsible for more than two thirds of all security breaches, which means they need to be protected both inside and out. Installing a layer of outdoor protection through things like an alarm or surveillance system can help deter thieves before they even get close to potential entry points. Once they do get closer to home, you should secure all of your doors and windows from the inside to prevent them from getting in.

Blocking Entry Points

Your first line of defense against a break-in is usually a lock on your main entry door. Locks provide a physical barrier to help keep burglars out, but deadbolt locks are especially effective at stopping anyone from breaking through. Your other entry points should have similar protections as well, including sliding glass doors, patio doors, and any other potential access points that burglars could use. Also be sure to secure garage doors since many home invasions start outside the house.

Start with Exterior Doors

Burglars will often check for unlocked exterior doors before attempting to breach the home’s interior because these entrances can be easily accessed. If an exterior door is unlocked or left slightly open, criminals can slip in without the homeowner ever knowing. As a result, you should be sure to always lock your front and rear entry doors even when you are at home. If possible, also install a solid core door to further deter criminals from breaking in through these areas.

Leaving Windows Unlocked

Many homeowners secure their windows by locking them shut for safety purposes, but it’s important that you do more than just lock them since this leaves room for potential burglars to remove the entire window and get inside. Instead of only using locks, try adding weather-stripping around your windows as well. This will prevent anyone from slipping off of tools like crowbars and pulling out your windows, making them a difficult target.

Add Security Cameras

One of the best ways to protect your home is by adding a security camera. This allows you to monitor who enters and exits your home, which can be especially helpful if you are away on vacation or at work for long periods of time. Security cameras can also deter burglars from choosing your house as their next target since they know you’re likely watching every move they make outside. Make sure that all exterior doors are well lit with proper lighting during evening hours when it becomes less conspicuous.

Securing your home’s exterior is the first step toward keeping it safe. If you are looking to improve the security of your doors and windows, contact In The Sky today!