How to Protect Your Security Cameras from Tampering

How to Protect Your Security Cameras from Tampering

Security cameras go a long way in maintaining the safety and security of your property. Visible cameras are known to deter crimes of opportunity such as theft, vandalism, and burglary with their mere presence. But visible security cameras can sometimes be targeted for tampering by criminals who would attempt to commit their crime without leaving evidence behind. This is why it is important to protect your security cameras from tampering. But how exactly can you do this? Try these tips from In the Sky Surveillance Las Vegas to protect your security cameras from tampering.

Camera Placement

First and foremost, camera placement is one of the most important aspects of installing security cameras. The most ideal placement for security cameras is somewhere high enough up that they are out of reach of anyone who would try to tamper with them. This high placement will also give you a birds eye view of your property to allow optimal surveillance.

Hide Cameras

There are times when you want to have your cameras hidden completely from sight in order to prevent tampering. This may be the best solution when you cannot place security cameras high enough up to avoid tampering such as on the inside of a building or room. These days, it is easy enough to find security cameras that are discrete enough that they do not appear as security cameras but other common household objects such as lights, wall outlets, and alarm clocks.

Get Protective Housing

When you want to protect your security cameras from tampering, it’s a wise investment to purchase a protective housing. Protective housings for your surveillance cameras are great investments because they can be weatherproof as well as tamper proof. Even if anyone were to attempt to tamper with the protective housing of your security cameras, it would be a time consuming process. Giving your alarm system plenty of time to notify the authorities.

Avoid Wire Cutting By Going Wireless

Want to prevent security camera tampering in the form of wire cutting? Go wireless. Wireless security systems are small enough to install anywhere, are easy to install, and can even be more affordable than traditional wired security cameras systems.

In the Sky Surveillance Las Vegas Security Cameras

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