How to Improve Parking Lot Security

How to Improve Parking Lot Security

When you own a business, you are responsible for providing a safe and clean environment for your guests and employees. That includes maintaining a safe and secure parking lot at well. Parking lots are harder to maintain than the interior of your property and there is an increased risk of theft and vandalism in parking lots. Still, maintaining a safe parking lot is important because if your parking lot is a hotbed of theft, vandalism, and generally unsafe it will impact your business causing customers to feel unsafe about leaving their cars unattended in your lot. But how can you improve your parking lot security in order to provide a safe environment for your customers and employees? Here are some suggestions from In the Sky Surveillance in Las Vegas.

Add Secure Gates and Fencing

If you offer public parking in an unsafe part of town, it can help improve parking lot safety if you install a perimeter fence. Fencing and gating off the premises can help keep people from wandering into the parking lot to commit crimes such as breaking into vehicles and leaving with valuables. Gating off the parking lot will also allow you to control the flow of traffic in and out of the parking lot through secure points of entry which can be easily monitored by surveillance cameras or security personnel.

Hire a Security Patrol

If you experience a high volume of crimes in the area you may want to hire a security guard or patrol. A security guard can patrol the parking lot going through lane by lane to ensure that there is no criminal or inappropriate behavior in the parking lot such as theft, loitering, or harassments. Because a security guard is highly mobile and they can patrol a whole lot by themselves, this is a cost effective way to improve parking lot security.

Add Surveillance Cameras To the Perimeter

In addition to security guards and perimeter fencing, it can be incredibly beneficial to have security cameras installed around the parking lot. It has been shown that many car break ins and crimes that are committed around parking lots are crimes of opportunities. You can eliminate these opportunities by installing security cameras on light posts throughout the parking lot. This added security presence will scare away any would-be thieves as well as collect evidence in the event of a crime.

In the Sky Surveillance Las Vegas

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