How to Cancel Brinks Home Security

How to Cancel Brinks Home Security

Contact Brinks Directly

If you want to cancel your Brinks Home Security service, the best way is to set up a call with one of its customer service agents. You can reach Brinks at 1-800-447-9239.

In our experience, Brinks has live representatives available 24/7, so it shouldn’t be hard to talk with someone when you need to.

During your call, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your account number
  • The name on the account
  • Your address and phone number on file for the account

Use the information from your contract to cancel.

The first step in canceling Brinks Home Security is to review the information in your original contract.

The cancellation policy will outline specific steps you must take to cancel your alarm monitoring service with Brinks, and it may require that you send a written notice of cancellation. If you have a month-to-month monitoring contract, your contract can be canceled at any time without penalty. However, if you’re under a long-term agreement with Brinks, you may face an early termination fee or other penalties for ending the agreement early.

It’s important to note that if your security system is financed through Brinks Home Security and not paid off yet, you are required to continue making payments until it is fully paid off.

Decide whether you want to keep any Brinks equipment.

You may want to consider keeping any Brinks security equipment you have, in case you decide to use it for another home security system. To do so, however, you will need to pay a $99 fee for each unit you want to keep. You’ll also have to pay an additional $19.95 per month for monitoring services on each unit that’s left with you.

Canceling your Brinks Home Security system can be done by contacting the company directly.

There are many ways to contact Brinks Home Security, but it is best to call customer service!