Home Security Through Your Smartphone

Home Security Through Your Smartphone

The holiday season is one of the happiest times of the year. You get to spend it with family, friends, exchange gifts and make memories. However, one of the happiest times can also be one of the most dangerous times. Burglars are at an all-time high during the season of shopping. Considering you are online shopping or storing gifts inside your home, you become at higher risk for someone to break in and steal the wonderful things you bought for your loved ones. However, investing in a home security system can be very expensive. Companies have now been creating security systems that you can purchase in stores, then control them through your smartphone! Here are some of the best on the market at reasonable prices.

Canary Home Security Device

This home security device is the size of a soda can that protects your entire house. With countless sensors packed into a smartphone, Canary can record video, audio with motion detectors and can also sense room temperature, vibrations, and air quality. When detection is made, an alert is immediately sent to your smartphone where you can take the necessary steps from there to assess the situation.


Using older smartphones that may not be used as frequently can now be recycled with this home security app. You simply download the app, position the phone where you want, then activate video and motion sensors to alert your phone when there is unknown activity happening in your home. Depending on how many old phones you may have, this system can be useful in getting your money’s worth.

iZon Wi-fi Video Monitor

The iZon webcam is miniature cylindrical home security that connects to a magnet to a dome base that allows you to turn it and tilt it for the perfect view. When you install the free app, you can tap the Record button, and record up to 35 seconds of video at a time, which will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account. The iZon can also be programmed to automatically record a video when it senses motion. These home security devices can save you tons of money and keep your home safe!