The Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate

The Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate

Having a roommate has its own benefits when it comes to savings and company. When you have one, renting a better apartment is more affordable than having one of your own. Even having a better package in cable sounds more affordable than you shelling out the whole bill. In a financial stance, this is all a beneficial factor, but there are still pros and cons in having a roommate.


  1. Splitting the bill on almost everything in the apartment. We’re talking about the rent, electricity, cable, and internet. When you’re trying to save money, having a roommate is more cost-efficient in the pocket. If you and your roommate ends up getting along, you can both start thinking about splitting costs in more things like a gaming console or perhaps carpooling to and from work. The benefits in sharing are endless here.
  2. Your roommates may be able to help you out with sharing furniture in the apartment. Even if you come in with almost nothing but your clothes and some electronics, the chances of them having to share even just a TV stand with you is likable.

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  1. At home, you’re constantly surrounded by family like your mom, dad, and siblings. But when you’re on your own, the idea of not having any company can be at times, lonesome. Having a roommate can be gateway to having new friends which is crucial when move to a new apartment. Your roommate can potentially be someone you can hang out with! Of course, being in each other’s space is not recommended but the idea of knowing that they’re around can be comforting.


  1. The noise levels can be annoying specially when your roommate decides to host a kickback party with five people and all of them are making noises while you’re trying to sleep. On the other hand, you could also be making a ruckus at night while preparing for that one project at school, and it’s keeping them up at night.
  2. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a roommate that they can get along with. In certain cases, you and your roommate can end up being sour to one another which can be quite uncomfortable all throughout your lease. Setting boundaries may work this out by arranging how much each patron has to pay for.
  3. Some people are messy, and some are organized. Combining both extremes can be nerve-wracking towards one another! This is especially when one person wants to keep the apartment clean and the other one is messing it up.