Protecting Your Home During the Holidays

Protecting Your Home During the Holidays

Just around Thanksgiving, a woman by the name of Bella Coleman has had her home broken into. The people responsible for the break-in are still a mystery, but investigation is underway. When break-ins happen, it marks a devastating impression on homeowners. First their valuables are taken from them, but the most crucial part is that they don’t feel safe in the comfort of their home.

Coleman reported the problem to the police. While they are doing their best efforts to crack down this case, she is also doing something about the matter. Little do the thieves know, she has a home security system that was installed in her home.

With still images captured, she was able to share this information to her social media platforms like Facebook. Many came pouring down with support, and some actually offered tips as to who the suspects might be. Now, she thinks that she has the information that she needed from the beginning. 

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The holidays are the best time for thieves to perform scams, identity theft, but some would go as far as invading the home. It’s a sick and terrible way to pull towards others, but it happens. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do to prevent this from happening.


Tell your trusted neighbors when you’re going to be gone for a few days. Having extra eyes will help especially by informing you and the police when they see something suspicious.

No Hiding Spaces

We’re talking about the shrubs or bushes in the garden. Trim them off to make it difficult for thieves to hide when performing a break-in.


Have lights that shine towards windows. The night time is the best time for thieves to break-in when everyone is fast asleep. But, when you have the lights on, they’re more likely to not want to target your home because they will be exposed.

Home Security

When you have this, make sure that you have a sticker at the front of your home where it is visible for everyone to see. Seeing that kind of warning usually shoos the thieves away.