Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

The Halloween season is upon us, and with it, there are sure to be plenty of trick-or-treaters. Now, with COVID-19, there may or may not be a lot of trick or treating going on, but at In the Sky Surveillance, we always like to say better safe than sorry! If you’re a homeowner who is planning on preparing your home for Halloween, you should follow these Halloween safety tips.

Make Sure That Your Property Is Well Lit

Regardless of whether or not you are planning on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in person or just want to leave a bowl of candy out for some safe, non-contact candy-giving, you want to be sure that your property is well lit. Giving trick-or-treaters a safe, well-lit path from your driveway to your door will help prevent trip and fall injuries as well as helping keep everyone visible to passing cars. While lighting could ruin the spooky feeling of Halloween, you want everyone to have a fun and safe time trick-or-treating.

All Electronics Should Be Grounded To Prevent Electrical Issues

Along with security lighting and plenty of Halloween decorations, there can be a big need for plenty of extension cords and electrical sockets. With all of these power cables drawing energy, you need to be sure that every power source is grounded in order to prevent power shortages and electrical issues. The best way to ensure that your power sources are grounded is to use covered electrical outlets with grounded fault circuit interrupters.

Keep All Walkways Clear

In the same vein as keeping your property well lit in order to have a safe area for guests and trick-or-treaters, you want to be sure that you keep all of the walkways clear so that nobody trips up and hurts themselves. If you have extension cords running around your yard, you want to be sure that you tape them down and keep them out of the way.

Make Fire-Safe Jack-o’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns are a fun way to spread the feeling of Halloween with classic decorations. That being said, it is not always the safest decision to have a classic Jack-o’-lantern that has a live flame within the pumpkin. While it is really cool to see, you want to be sure that you have a faux flame within the lantern to prevent any accidental fire mishaps.

Make Sure You Have Home Security

Halloween can bring many treats, but it can also set you up to be the victim of Halloween trickery and pranks. It may be a cliche, but Halloween pranks and vandalism are common. Having the appropriate home security system in place, like motion-activated lighting and security cameras, and Ring home security doorbells can help deter any would-be pranksters.

Keep Pets Inside

Finally, you want to be sure that you keep all of your pets indoors. Halloween can attract a lot of strangers around your neighborhood and your dog may stay up late barking into the night or worse, try to escape, and meet the strangers on the other side of your property. Keeping pets indoors can ensure that you all have a safe and fun night.