Burglar Prevention and Home Security Tips

Burglar Prevention and Home Security Tips

Did you know that the number of break-ins that occur goes up in the winter? Between less daylight and the influx of shopping that occurs around this time of year, burglars have an easier time breaking into cars in your driveway and even breaking into homes under the cover of darkness. There are ways that you can protect your home and gear up for burglar prevention with these home security tips from In the Sky Surveillance in Las Vegas. We’re home security specialists who are here to help you protect your home with the latest in home security systems.

Home Security System

One of the most important elements of your burglar prevention plan should include a home security system that includes alarms and cameras for monitoring doors, windows, and your yard. Of course, a home security system will notify you when your doors and windows are opened or broken but by adding the right security cameras in key locations such as at your doorstep and overlooking your driveway you will be able to capture any attempt to break in on camera. You may then use this footage to notify the authorities or to prepare for if/when they return.

Proper Outdoor Lighting

When you don’t have proper lighting around your property during the winter, burglars have an easier time breaking into the vehicles in your driveway and they have more time to break into your home. The best way to protect yourself against burglary is to install plenty of outdoor lighting to create high visibility at night. If you’re worried about running up your power bill, there are plenty of great motion-sensing lights and security cameras that will only activate when they are tripped.

Strong Exterior Doors

Even when you have a security system with alarms and cameras, some burglars are bold enough to still try and break into your home. One of the most common ways that burglars break into homes is by kicking in exterior doors— typically those that lead from outside into your garage or patio. It’s best to invest in heavy, durable exterior doors that will not easily give when kicked or rammed. When doors are made with high-quality materials and sturdy wood they are more expensive but definitely worth the investment.

Invest in Your Home Security With in the Sky

Investing in your home security is a worthwhile investment that can protect you from property damage, theft, and the feeling of insecurity that comes after a break-in. Protecting your property and your peace of mind is as easy as calling In the Sky Surveillance Las Vegas. Our local security team has the right security systems for your home, business, or commercial property. Give us a call and get started with your free consultation today.