Tips for Effective Surveillance Camera System Installation

Tips for Effective Surveillance Camera System Installation

Surveillance camera systems can be a business and a home’s first line of defense against theft, intruders, and vandalism. Many burglars will notice that there is a surveillance system in place and turn away and potentially choose a less-vulnerable property. When you purchase a surveillance camera system you can choose to have a professional home and commercial security system company like In the Sky install your cameras or you can install them yourself. While one option is easier than the other, installing your surveillance cameras DIY can save you money as long as you follow these tips for effective surveillance camera system installation.

Camera Placement Is Priority Number One

There are a lot of different camera systems that you can choose from. Inexpensive ones, commercial cameras, video surveillance doorbells, and so on. Regardless of which ones you purchase the most important aspect of surveillance camera system installation comes down to placement. You want to ensure that you place cameras strategically in places where they are hard to reach, have the best – unobstructed – view of your property, and where they capture vulnerable points in your property’s perimeter.
Typically this means placing cameras up high where they can’t be tampered with, where they have a bird’s eye view of the property, and where they can be pointed at entrances/exits and windows.

Considering Lighting

Next to the placement of the cameras, the next important thing to focus on is lighting. Having poor lighting around your cameras can render them basically useless. If you cannot accurately identify a person in the dark then your cameras are wasted. To prevent this, place lighting around your property. One great way that you can make the most of your security cameras is to purchase surveillance cameras that are integrated with motion-activated lights. These cameras are known as Flood Light Cameras and they are a great way to ensure that your cameras are able to identify anything moving in the dark.

Cover Vulnerable Entrances

When you install video cameras, you want to be sure that your cameras cover vulnerable entrances. Many burglars will use backdoors, basement doors, service entrances, and unsecured windows to enter properties. Be sure that your security cameras are positioned around these entrances.

Protect and Hide Cables

Surveillance cameras are only good for as long as they are working. When surveillance cameras have exposed wires, they can be tampered with and rendered useless. Because of this, you want to ensure that every cable is not only hidden from view but also protected with appropriate wire protection boxes.

Only Install Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Outdoors

There are two different kinds of cameras – indoor and outdoor cameras. Indoor cameras can be made in a variety of styles and materials that are not meant to weather the elements in the same way that outdoor surveillance cameras are. Outdoor cameras are designed to get wet, withstand strong winds, and conditions that indoor cameras will not be able to handle.