Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

At In the Sky Surveillance, we provide Las Vegas homeowners with the latest home security solutions. Our services range from the installation of alarms and security systems to the implementation of smart home technology in both residential and commercial properties. Over the years, we’ve seen property owners make these common home security mistakes that put you and your home at risk of theft, home intrusions, and vandalism.

Not Having a Home Security System Installed

The biggest home security mistakes that you can make as a homeowner is not having home security installed in your home. Some homeowners, especially those in older homes or those who do not have the financial resources to purchase a home security system often leave their home security up to chance. When you don’t have even so much like an alarm system installed in your home, you run the risk of a burglar having a field day with your home.

Hiding Keys Around Your Property

Do your children walk home from school? Do you have your neighbors check in on your home while you are away? Or are you just forgetful and you need to leave a spare key hidden around your home so that you can get in when you lose your key?

While leaving a key under the mat, in a fake rock, or tucked away behind a bush can be very handy when you need it, you’re also handing over any security that your home had to any intruder prudent enough to look for a spare key.

Using Cheap Locks on Doors and Windows

There’s an old saying that says, “he who buys cheap, pays twice.” That is to say that while you save money on a cheap product, you will pay for it again in the future. Security is not something that you want to risk that with.

Cheap locks offer homeowners nothing more than a false sense of security. When you invest in locks for your doors and windows, you have an expectation that the locks should prevent the doors and windows from opening, which they should, but cheap locks are very easy to get past. When a lock is cheap (we’re talking about poorly made or of a weak material) they are easy to tamper with whether a burglar is using finesse or force to get into your home.

Not Having Enough Illumination

You’d be surprised how many crimes of opportunity would be prevented if there were adequate lighting around your home or the street where you park your vehicles. When an area has plenty of outdoor lighting, it makes identifying suspicious people easier and while lighting alone won’t ward off all crime, it will keep most timid burglars away. Additionally, if you have plenty of outdoor lighting and use it in tandem with security cameras, you will have a much easier time identifying anyone who trespasses, steals, or vandalizes your property no matter what time of night it occurs.

Assuming It Can’t Happen To You

When it comes to burglaries and home intrusions, we may go years and years without it happening to us. Sometimes we can even go decades without experiencing a burglary, but when it happens just once it can be devastating. Never assume that just because somebody hasn’t taken the opportunity to break into your home, your car, or your business that it can’t happen because the reality is that it investing in a home security system will pay for itself in the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.