Be Cautious About Revealing Information About Your Child

Be Cautious About Revealing Information About Your Child

Protecting your home and your family with home security is crucial for taking care of the safety of your kids. But are you protecting your family online? Our social media networks have been the go-to for updated news. It’s not just news that we turn to; We’re flooded with posts by our friends that reveal their daily lives, children, milestones, and more. In fact, about 92% of children have had an online presence even before they turned two years of age. With such an alarming number, is it safe to post revealing information about your kids?

Considerations to Safety

Updates are innocent on its own, but predators can phish for information such as name, age, location, birthday, likes, and dislikes. How is this troubling?

Mobile apps make it possible for biographical information to piece information together. With a simple scan of their photo, personal details can be shared and revealed publicly.

Okay, this doesn’t sound too bad, but imagine if that information is revealed to the wrong hands? What will you do?

Privacy Concerns of the Future

With all the information shared via social networks, that data will carry over to them. So, when it’s time for them to create an identity for themselves, savvy hackers can piece together the information they need. It’s an alarming trick that invades the privacy of people, and it’s definitely something you want to avoid altogether.

Thinking Before Posting

When you want to share updates, think about what you’re revealing information you are giving to strangers. Often, they’re innocent but are they sensitive information? Some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Take advantage of your privacy settings. Set it for only friends and family to see.
  • Avoid geo-functionality on photos.
  • Limit your posts and filter them if need be.

Invest in Home Security

if you are not sure that you can trust you children to protect their information on their own there are ways that you can monitor their activity online. Many smart home integration devices allow you to monitor your child’s actions remotely through your home security and surveillance system. With In the Sky, you can be assured that your family will be safe.