What Can Hackers Do With Your Information?

What Can Hackers Do With Your Information

We believe that protecting yourself in the form of self-defense and home security is important. But we also mentioned that limiting your social media activity is another way to protect oneself. On our last post, we talked about how important it is to restrict sharing information on social media for security purposes. But what can hackers do with the data they obtain? You’d be shocked to find out!

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Hackers and Your Information

Spear Phishing

This trick is one of the dirtiest tricks from hackers. They target users in forms of phishing that solely relies on personalizations. For example, you may get an email disguised as your bank stating that they may need more information regarding your account. The email may look exactly like your bank’s template for trickery. Once they have this information, it’s easy for hackers to steal your identity.

Identity Theft

As an example mentioned above, hackers can trick you into giving your information to them. When they have these crucial data, they are free to open bank accounts, credit cards, and make fake identities for criminals!  

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Make Profits Off of You

One disturbing thing that hackers can do is by selling your information to interested entities. They can do this by ultimately charging a fee to gain access to your profile. They may also extort your embarrassing conversations and photos!

Emails with Malware

These emails can pose as your co-workers, friends and family. It may seem harmless to open an email from them, but these emails may include malware. They are intended to inflict damage on your computer and track user activities.

This is very upsetting, right? Don’t let hackers take your valuable information. Here at In the Sky, we are dedicated to protecting your home security needs in Las Vegas and your well-being!