• Should You Invest on a Video Doorbell?

    7 Jul 2017 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Ring is one of the most popular brands for video doorbells, but at its expensive price tag, is it worth the purchase? The following are reasons why you should consider getting one!

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    It Doubles Your Home Security System

    They are convenient to use, but they also work perfectly in keeping your home safe. They deter the bad guys as it begins to record every detail the moment your doorbell detects motion. They don’t have to ring the doorbell for it to begin recording.

    You Can Use it as Digital Peephole

    We’re in a world filled with technological conveniences. Instead of getting up to answer the door and check through the peephole, your video doorbell can give you a live view of who’s outside. That way, you can tell if you really need to pay attention to the door, or if it’s just the delivery guy dropping off your 10th package of the week.

    What’s more enticing about them? You can get notifications of who’s outside even when you’re away from home. In addition, you can push-to-talk and communicate with the person outside through the speakers on your doorbell. So you can ultimately thank your UPS guy for dropping off the package and to leave it somewhere secure.

    Let the Professional Install Them For You

    Installation is not easy when you want your video doorbell to work properly. Professional installers like us are ready for these type of technology to secure your home when you need it the most. Contact us today.