Best Hiding Spaces for Your Valuables

Best Hiding Spaces for Your Valuables

Burglars don’t just go into a home without a plan in mind. In many cases, they’ve done their routine again and again, that almost every home is about the same. It doesn’t matter whether you have a home security installed. There is so much time between the alarm going off to the arrival of the police. Sometimes, there is no stopping the thieves. Read More About: Surveillance Cameras Installation Las Vegas First, they enter through the backdoor. After that,  they go straight to the master bedroom where all the valuables are located. This is safe to say because the master bedroom is the sleeping quarters of whoever pays the bills. They scope through the room for valuables which are usually hidden in drawers, or sometimes out in the open on top of the vanity. Once they are done with the bedroom, they look for electronics that are usually found in common rooms.  So, when a burglar decides to target your home, would they easily find your valuables? The answer might be a flat out yes. So, it’s time to find a safe hiding spot where no one would bother looking!

In Between Cabinets

There is a gap in almost all household kitchen cabinets, and you will see them when you actually find yourself on top of the counter (make sure to be careful to prevent accidents). Take advantage of this gap as a hiding by slipping money in manila envelopes attached with binder clips through the gap.


They complement the interior of your home, but they are also a good hiding spot. Simply use a watertight container like a ziplock or a medicine container. Roll up your cash or jewelry in it, and bury it under the soil. If you don’t want to hide it too deeply, dig a shallow area for the container and place something on top of it like a pine cone for easy access.

Fake Food Containers

When you search online for containers online, you’ll find so many things that look as if they are a jar of mayonnaise with mayo inside, but in reality,  they are counterfeits. As in the “mayo” is actually just paint to make it look like the real thing. Either way, they are good hiding spots for valuables that you don’t want burglars to find. PocketsYou have dozens of pockets in your closet, and not many thieves go for clothes when they want something valuable. So the next time you want to find the best hiding spot for your money and jewelry, pockets could be your answer.