Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Are Home Security Systems Worth It

Reliable security systems almost always require professional installation.

While you can install some security systems yourself, and others will offer DIY installation with step-by-step instructions, this isn’t always the best option. Here are a few reasons why professional installation is typically preferred:

  • Professional installers have the experience to get your system up and running quickly, with little hassle on your part. They’ll be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • You won’t be limited in what type of home security system you can choose, as many companies require professional installation for all their products.

Installation fees vary by company and by product. Our highest rated company charges $99 per camera for installation, while our lowest rated company charges $499 per camera (and doesn’t give much of an explanation for why). In general, expect it to cost between $100 and $500 for each camera installed in your home. The number of cameras needed depends on the size of your house, but most companies recommend using one camera for every 600 square feet. Installation times also vary by provider; we’ve heard estimates from customers ranging from two days to three weeks!

A home security system can deter burglars from trying to break in.

Whether you’re at home or away, a home security system can deter burglars from trying to break in.

A burglar may be more likely to bypass your property if they see signs of a security system (such as cameras and/or a yard sign.) The signs alone can be enough to dissuade criminals, who typically want to gain quick access to homes with little risk of getting caught. A study done by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that 60% of convicted burglars would think twice about targeting a house with an alarm system and nearly half said they’d skip houses with visible cameras.

A home security system can save you a lot of money on insurance.

One of the perks of having a home security system is that it can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Most insurers offer discounts to homeowners with a monitored system, and some may even give you an initial discount when you install the system. It’s not always a slam dunk, though. Some companies will only offer discounts for advanced systems with features like smoke, fire and carbon-monoxide monitoring, while others will let you off easy with simpler options, like those from SimpliSafe or Abode. But if you’ve already got smoke detectors or other security measures in place, there’s no harm in checking with your insurance company about what kinds of discounts they offer.

Home security systems monitor your home even when you’re not there.

A home security system isn’t just good for deterring robbers. It can also help maintain peace of mind when you’re away from home, whether it’s on vacation or running errands.

If you have children and are worried about who they might be hanging out with while you’re gone, a home security system can provide some reassurance: footage from the cameras installed in your house can be accessed via an application on your smartphone. This way, no matter how far away you are, you’ll always be able to keep tabs on what’s happening in your house!

Home security systems are easier to use than ever before.

It’s easier than ever to use a home security system. Gone are the days when you had to worry about remembering complicated codes to arm or disarm your system, or manage an overwhelming array of key fobs and buttons. Now, many home security systems come with an app that allows you to manage all aspects of your system straight from your smartphone or tablet. You can even program your smart locks, garage door opener, and thermostat through this app, allowing you to use less apps and keep everything streamlined right in one place.

This is especially helpful for anyone who travels frequently and doesn’t want to worry about whether he or she remembered to lock the front door before leaving for work in the morning. Home automation features also let you turn lights on and off in order to give the appearance that someone is home when you’re not there—a great deterrent for would-be burglars scouting out potential targets.

More and more companies provide good customer service and help you set up your system.

Whether you’re buying a security system for your first home or upgrading an old one, it’s good to know more about the whole process.

From a technical standpoint, security systems are far from plug and play. The best ones allow you to set up custom alerts, adjust motion detection sensitivity, and tweak other settings. There may be separate apps for indoor and outdoor cameras.

Most manufacturers’ websites are full of FAQs and tutorials explaining how to set up your new system step by step, but a little help goes a long way. If you understand the basics of tech support calls (like keeping your password handy), you’ll probably find tech support much less frustrating than calling in with no idea what they might ask you to do.

Having a good home security system is worth the money you spend to have it installed, especially if you need to save on insurance premiums or have other reasons to feel unsafe in your home.

It’s a big investment to buy a home security system for your house, so it’s no wonder you’re wondering if having one really is worth the cost and effort. After all, it may seem like someone could come break into your home even with a security system in place, right? Well, there are several reasons why having a home security system will benefit you and your family more than not having one. They can help save you money through insurance discounts and reduce the potential risk of someone breaking into your home. Additionally, some systems allow you to monitor your home while on vacation or at work. If you have school-age children who come home while no one else is around, then having a security system that monitors their entry into the home can give you peace of mind that they are safe when they get out of school for the day.