The Surprising Things That Burglars Hate

The Surprising Things That Burglars Hate

Let’s face it; no one likes to face burglars. And why would you? They’re scary and unwelcomed at home! So, when you want to shoo away the bad guys, you may want to recruit four home security elements into your property that burglars hate. ‘What’s that?’ you might ask. They are: exposure, light, time, and noise.


If you have tall shrubs in the yard, get rid of them immediately. These are hiding spots for thieves especially when they want to scope the home. So, when you have dense trees, large shrubberies, and stockade fence, get rid of them.


Burglars hate it when you have the light on at home. This tells them that someone is home and that property is a no go. Interestingly, hours between 10 AM to 2:30 PM are when burglaries happen the most because that’s when many people are at school and work.


They don’t like to be at someone’s house for more than ten minutes. Their system is to scale the entire home as they grab the ones they want to keep and leave immediately.


Sirens like home security systems are one of the things they hate the most. Alarms are one good way to deter burglars because once it begins to go off, this tells them that their presence has been detected. Having said that, they would rather force a door entry than go through the windows because windows have a distinct sound.

So, when you want to protect yourself from burglary, make sure to incorporate all the things that they hate in your home!