Hidden Costs of Outdated Security Cameras

Hidden Costs of Outdated Security Cameras

Did you know that outdated security cameras could be costing you a fortune? Outdated security cameras are as much of a liability as they are an inconvenience. Many old and outdated surveillance systems are easy to tamper with, unreliable, and incompatible with many new technologies. You can learn about the hidden costs associated with outdated security systems with In the Sky Surveillance, Las Vegas’ trusted provider of security cameras, alarms, and surveillance systems for both residential and commercial security.

More Frequent Issues and Maintenance

When it comes to older technology, not just security cameras, you tend to see more frequent and more serious issues as time goes on. Software lags, hardware wears down, and ultimately systems become incompatible with other technologies that you are operating in your security system. This means that as your security cameras become outdated, they will spend more time down for maintenance. That is time that you are at risk of theft, vandalism, and liability if something were to happen during maintenance times.

Lower Quality Images

One thing about older security cameras is that they produce grainy and unclear images. This makes it harder to identify suspects when an incident does occur. Imagine catching a thief red handed on camera only to have footage that is all but useless because you can’t ID people properly. Today’s cameras are high-definition and provide crystal clear pictures, even from great distances.

Less Storage than Newer Security Cameras

One issue that you typically never run into anymore is insufficient storage. That’s not the case with outdated security cameras, though. Old security cameras are less optimized for storage and may not have access to remote cloud storage. Modern security cameras have large hard-drives for storage and allow you to store footage remotely in a cloud that can easily accommodate large storage needs.

Fewer Features

How much money does automation save you on a daily basis? Being able to automate your security cameras and equip them with technology that makes surveillance as hands-off as possible is invaluable. Every year, new security technology comes out that changes the way that you protect your home and business. Unfortunately, many game-changing features are not available on outdated cameras, even those that were produced within the last 5 years.!

In the Sky Surveillance – Las Vegas Security Cameras

Are you ready to start saving money on your surveillance systems by avoiding the hidden costs of outdated security cameras? With In the Sky Surveillance in Las Vegas, you can set yourself up with a modern and state of the art security system – cameras and alarms – for an affordable price. And even better, we provide maintenance and service to any security solutions that we install, because we believe in the quality of our products and the quality of our installations. Contact In the Sky today to get started with a new security system today.