• How to Make a Home Safe for Senior Citizens

    10 Jun 2016 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Despite that fact that the elderly has a range of care options, many of them are deciding to stay at home. If you have a loved one who are of age and are living independently, we’ve come up with some solutions to keep them safe! After all, what’s a home security without being able to protect your loved ones?

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    Living Room


    All furniture around the house should be arranged in a manner that is easy for them to walk around. The more space, the better. Let’s not forget that lighting is also an issue for the elderly. When a room isn’t bright, they have difficulties maneuvering around their home. You want to create a home that’s brightly lit. It’s been scientifically proven the elderly “needs approximately three times more light than a young adult.”


    Many accidents occur in the bathroom due to slippery floors. This is the place where you want to play extra attention in. To prevent accidents from happening, install grab bars to provide support when they need to move on and off the toilet and the shower. Handheld shower heads should be mounted for mobility as well.


    Make sure to have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. As you know, the elderly has the tendency to forget quickly which makes these detectors the best way to alert them when they’re in trouble. Another way to keep them safe is by making all items in cupboards easily reachable. If they have to go above and beyond to reach something, accidents may happen.


    You want to ensure that their resting space is as comfortable as possible. At an old age, bed rails come in handy for additional support when they need to go in and out of bed. And in the case of emergencies, a flashlight should always be near their bedside. You never know when a power outage happens.

    Everywhere Else

    The elderly are more prone to falls which are safe to say that they need “a low-pile carpet” to act as protection in case a fall happens. Having hardwood floors never help their situations and can cause more harm than ease.