• Giving the Gift of Home Security to Your Loved Ones

    9 Dec 2016 | Blog | InTheSky

  • The holidays are upon us which means, more shopping for our loved ones! Whether you’re thinking about buying a new laptop or the latest handbag from your favorite designer, one thing is sure; home security is imperative. So what better way is it to gift yourself and the family something that will protect them from danger? Trust us; they’ll thank you later! The following are home security gadgets that everyone will love:

    Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

    image of wifi doorbell

    One of our favorite doorbells is the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. It notifies the user every time someone is at the door, and it records the entire exchange! You can also share the videos with friends and family if something hilarious happened.

    Is anyone dropping off a package at your door? When you’re not home, you may exchange conversations via the doorbell wherever you are!

    Sentry Safe CFW20201 Waterproof Fire-Resistant File

    Do you want something that will protect belongings from fire and water damages? This might be the best gadget to gift! We all have precious items we need to protect whether that’s a birth certificate or a family heirloom watch. Whatever it is, you want to protect that in an encased safe that can withstand any disaster. Additionally, this safe’s hard to pry as burglars might as well give up on the first try.

    Fortress Security Store For Business and Home

    This kit is one of the best security systems for homes and businesses. It’s completed with magnetic sensors for doors and windows. The most important part of this unit is that it detects forcible break-ins and any suspicious movement in the area. Passive motion sensors are implemented to alert you when unauthorized personnel is on the property.