• Home Security Goes Beyond Protection

    28 Oct 2016 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Home securities are going beyond protection as they welcome smart homes into the picture. Today, homeowners can gain security along with a sweet deal as they take advantage of the technology features.

    The definition of safety goes a long way. Besides theft prevention, home security systems can prevent problems that are otherwise ignored. For example, carbon monoxide leaking into the air are detected by such gadgets. Additionally, you can be sure that there is a comprehensive technology for alerting you when the stove is left on, faulty thermostat, and more. The beauty of wireless home security is that it protects the home from a variety of threats. The following are just some features that smart homes can instantly do:


    • Control the home security system with just a touch of a button. Use compatible smartphones and computers to do just that.
    • When an emergency happens, you can be sure that you have access to police, firefighters, and EMT.
    • Streaming videos of your home are available any time of the day. Simply check your phone for real-time activities.
    • Sends alerts of poisonous effects like carbon monoxide leak.
    • With wireless technology, intruders can’t cut the line to put your home security on idle.
    • Adjust your home’s lights and thermostat with your mobile device.
    • Lock and unlock your door using your phone.
    • When you’re not home, you’ll get real-time video notifications of whoever leaves and enters the home.