• Common Home Security Mistakes Every Holiday

    1 Dec 2017 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Holidays are known as the season of giving for many families and a prime season for taking for the burglars. So make sure to keep your hard-earned belongings safe this season.

    Avoid Burglary This Holiday

    Protecting your home isn’t just a necessity every holiday season, but all year round. However, you should be extra careful during the holidays because burglars know that it is when homes are most likely to be filled with expensive items such as brand new gifts to you or from you. Here are the most common home security mistakes every holiday that you should avoid.

    1. Leaving the doors and windows unlocked

    Make sure to lock everything before you leave. Even when you’re home, it is a wise security measure to keep them locked at all times.

    2. Relying only on locked doors and windows

    Sure, keeping your doors and windows locked is important. But relying on them solely for home security is wrong. Invest in home security devices, too.

    3. Forgetting to turn on the home alarm system

    Don’t forget to activate your alarm system whenever you leave home. Keep it on at all times whether you’re home or not.

    4. Allowing strangers into your home

    This is something you always tell your kids and tend to forget it yourself. Don’t trust people too soon as they might just be waiting for an opportunity to gain information on your home.

    5. Posting about your vacation plans on social media

    Holidays mostly mean getaway trips with the family. But no matter how tempting it is to brag about your next trip to Paris, avoid posting it on your social media sites so burglars won’t creep on your home.

    The Bottom Line

    Have fun on the holidays but don’t forget to protect your home while you’re away. Put extra security measures and decrease the chance of your home getting broken into to have an enjoyable holiday season.