• Best Places to Hide Security Cameras

    24 Nov 2015 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Home security doesn’t just stop at home alarms for the purposes of detecting an intrusion. It goes beyond just that when hidden cameras are incorporated. Having such a tool at home is very helpful in exposing the bad guys specially when they find ways to go against people’s home security systems.

    Follow the Motif

    First, determine where you’d like to place the camera. In most cases, people has a motif in installing one. For example, if you’d like to catch your dog entering your home from outside, then you would most likely place it in the kitchen where is it adjacent to the entryway. This is the place where you think your pet is entering from. So the placement of the camera should always follow the motivation of the hidden camera.

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    “inthesky-las-vegas-nevada-secuirty-camera-tipsThe tricky part is hiding the camera. Let’s take the dog’s example once again. If it’s just your pet that you’re trying to catch, putting it in plain site would not be a problem as they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the purpose of the camera. However, if your motivation is to catch someone, hiding it in a spot where they least expect is highly advisable. If for example, you believe that the incidents generally happen around the kitchen, place it on a kitchen appliance that no one really touches. For example, putting it  on the coffee machine, wall clocks or plants would most likely slip under their noses.


    Home Security in Common Rooms

    In the common rooms of the home, placing it on smoke detectors would be one ideal item. Not many people look at the item and think anything more than what it is. Also, decors are generally things that people don’t bother taking a second glance. So hiding it inside a stuffed animal, or mirror boxes would also be fitting. Home security items are popular nowadays that many common items are used to incorporate a hidden camera in them. These are items such as clothes hook, picture frames, alarm clocks, tissue boxes, and many more.