5 Autumn Home Security Tips

5 Autumn Home Security Tips
Fall is not just all about pumpkin spice and trick or treat. It also presents additional challenges for homeowners regarding safety.

Fall Into Safety This Fall Season

The falling leaves, unpredictable weather and shorter daylight hours can leave you feeling cozy and comfortable at home. However, they also pose some home security hazards. Even though most houses nowadays are equipped with a good security system, it is crucial to secure your home in the most basic ways without having to involve your system. Here are five fall home security tips to follow this season.

1. Make Sure the Lights Are Working Properly

Shorter days mean less light. And this means that burglars can try to break into your home more easily because darkness starts earlier.

2. Check the Entry Points

Unusual access points such as vents and doggy doors should be carefully monitored. Also, check if tree branches are giving easy access to your windows.

3. Lock Down Your Doors

Avoid unauthorized access to your home and stress this out to your kids, especially during school season whether they have school activities or visiting a friend’s house.

4. Clean the Gutters

Serious damage can occur if falling leaves get clogged or backed up which may lead to leaking and flooding so make sure to clean your gutters during fall.

5. Put Away Your Gardening Tools

After raking the leaves or cleaning the gutter, make sure you keep your gardening tools back to their respective places. A burglar can use a rake to break a window or a ladder to climb up the upper levels of your home.

The Bottom Line

Since the fall season will make you want to stay indoors, make sure you keep your home safe and secured at all times. A secured home is the most inviting place you’ll ever wish for this season.