3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

Protecting your home from burglars with home security is one thing, but sometimes you experience situations where you need to flee your home in a different kind of emergency. When you find yourself in a home emergency situation, do you know what to do? If not, it might be best to prepare yourself. You only have yourself to thank when it happens! So whether the emergency is big or small, learn how to act fast. The following are ways you can prepare yourself for an emergency:

Gas Leak

If you’re going to work on outdoor projects, don’t dig into the land until your utility company tells you where the gas lines are. Basement pipes should never be used to hang any items, and stovetop ranges shouldn’t be cracking or fraying. If you want a peace of mine, invest on a natural-gas detector to warn you if propane or methane gas leaks. It’s best to educate your family when it comes to a gas leak. If something starts hissing and smells similar to a rotten egg, make sure to get out of the home ASAP!

House Fires: Escape

Have a layout of your home, and find ways to escape in case of emergency. You want to look at your windows, outdoor and indoor escapes. One way to prepare for this is by having a flame-resistant escape ladder available to you. If you live in a two-story home, a 13-foot ladder is good enough to get you down. You may also want to let everyone know where the meeting place is after you’ve escaped. The nearest stop sign or the neighbor’s mailbox are some good options.

House Fire: Smoke Alarms

Make sure to test your fire detectors once a month.  Some alarms are connected to the electrical unit which needs a battery backup. Also, regardless of their power source, make sure to renew your smoke detectors every ten years. Another way to prevent house fires from further damage is by cleaning the debris and dust on the smoke detectors. Otherwise, your detector delays the alarm which can bring further harm to you and your property.