• Top New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

    5 Jan 2018 | Blog | InTheSky

  • Ah, New Year, the most popular time to make resolutions for yourself. Aiming to achieve something this year is never a bad idea, even for your home.
    cleaning home as a new year's resolution

    Home Resolutions 2018

    Welcome the New Year with a new home experience. Re-evaluate the good and the bad during the previous year and make your home a whole lot better this 2018! Sounds like a plan? Here are the top New Year’s resolutions for your home.

    1. Declutter

    Nothing beats a clean and well-organized home. Let the past slip away and start living in the present. Whatever you don’t need and won’t be needing in the future anymore, throw them away or donate them. Save space for future items and declutter the mess so you can live at peace throughout the year.

    2. Keep it Safe and Secured

    Your home’s looks may be deceiving. Check for potential health hazards that may not be too obvious. When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned? Have you installed a carbon monoxide detector yet? Have you transformed your home into a smart home yet? Keep it safe and secured to live in.

    3. Go Green

    Aside from keeping indoor plants, help the environment by means of cutting down your home’s energy consumption. Switch off whatever’s not needed and make sure to unplug any unnecessary cords.

    4. Repaint a Room

    What’s better than painting your walls with a new color? Don’t worry, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with painting the whole house. You can just pick one room, and it will surely make a huge difference in your home.

    The Bottom Line

    It’s not just you who needs yearly resolutions. Even your home needs a little extra care every year, and these little things can go a long way before you know it.